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Getting to Know Sugar and Other Sweeteners

You probably think that sugar is something quite simple. It’s sweet, and you use to make other things sweet. How complex can that be?

Well, it’s not, but sugar is actually a collective name; it’s a single name that describes a variety of different types. Here are three of the major categories of sugar…

Table Sugar

Table sugar, or white sugar, is the most common type of sugar. It is highly refined, is granulated and is the one most people would use to sweeten their coffee or tea and add to recipes in baking and cooking. Table sugar has received a bad rap in its association with overweight and abnormal blood sugar levels.

Artificial or synthetic sweeteners

These types of sweeteners sound like a good idea to include in the diet over traditional sugars because they typically contain zero calories, however, the research on synthetic sweeteners has not always been very positive when it comes to the effects they have on your health. One concern is how they may affect taste perception to sweet things. Because they’re generally far sweeter than table sugar, for example, they may increase the need for sweeter foods.

Natural sweeteners

Nature provides us with a number of sweeteners that are far better for your health. The most common you’ll likely know about is stevia. While it’s the go-to for many people, some find that it leaves a very bitter aftertaste. In recent years, yacon root syrup is quickly becoming a popular choice. It has been shown to support weight management, and has a positive effect on gut bacteria while bringing sweetness to food and beverages

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